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LHLovingLife Training Camp
Cracking The Consulting Code

LHLovingLife Training Camp is an invite-only education program for talented individuals who are passionate about a career in management consulting. With our network of former and current MBB consultants as mentors, we look to share our experiences and expertise to help you build confidence and stand out as the unique you in the entire recruiting journey. We are selecting top candidates to join us on this 4-week intensive training on landing your dream offers in management consulting, while building long-lasting relationships with our mentors and like-minded peers. 




Build a supportive community to help traditionally under-represented groups get into management consulting and create long-term relationships to elevate each other’s voices throughout your professional journey




Learn from the best and brightest consultants in the industry

  • Team of former and current MBB consultants

Four-week intensive boot camp

  • Dates: May 1st to 26th, 2023, virtual

  • Time Commitment: 4-5 hours per week

Bang for your buck

  • Tuition: $5,000

  • In-depth guidance at every step of the application process with customized paths to success

  • Resources, tools, and materials included

Intimate Class Size

  • Top 20 candidates selected in the initial cohort with personalized learning to discover and showcase your unique strengths

Elevate & Accelerate

  • Opportunity to consult on live cases and work with clients to build up your real consulting experiences


  • Comprehensive and structured curriculum covering all aspects of the MBB recruitment process:

    • Craft compelling CVs and cover letters

    • Master networking strategies and techniques

    • Hone storytelling skills for impactful interviews

    • Live casing practice for a standout performance

    • Navigate post-offer considerations and decisions

  • Engaging masterclass with leading management consulting experts from MBB firms 

  • Regular informative office hours

  • Personalized learning plans

  • Focused 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Accountability and rotating casing partners

  • Supportive online community for networking and collaboration

  • Access to a diverse network of consultants

  • Opportunity to be staffed on real-world consulting projects for hands-on experience


  • High-quality first-tier former and current consultants from McKinsey, Bain and BCG and experienced coaches, and guest lecturers in cracking the consulting cases

  • Sample profiles:

    • Fei Bo, Founder, LHLovingLife, ex-BCG

    • Former Engagement Manager at McKinsey, HBS graduate

    • Current Consultant at BCG

    • Current Project Leader at BCG (Advanced Degree) 

    • Former Project Leader at BCG (Advanced Degree)

    • Former Partner at BCG, HBS graduate

    • **We have a network of mentors across seniority from McKinsey, Bain and BCG. Mentors and coaches who will be teaching this cohort will be announced to confirmed participants**




  • Live cases with MBB experts with extensive feedback

  • Structure different types of cases

  • Build your analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Increase speed and efficiency of solving math problems 

  • Formulate new and creative ideas 

  • Drive thought-provoking insights from cases and conduct strong summaries



  • Mock behavioral interviews 

  • Navigate fit questions

  • Perfect your STAR method 

  • Gain confidence in answering and asking questions

  • Speak clearly, concisely, and creatively

  • Become client ready 



  • Enhance networking skills

  • Build long-lasting relationships with former/current MBB Consultants

  • Connect and engage with like-minded motivated people

  • Learn how to better market yourself

  • Highlight your unique qualities and translate them into useful skills

  • Learn how to stand out in a large crowd




Session One: Orientation

  • Welcome and introduction

  • Our stories with consulting

  • Building a life and career you love 

  • Everyone introduces themselves

  • Share program calendar and weekly milestones


Session Two: CV & Cover Letter

  • Crafting impactful CVs and cover letters for your applications

  • Live CV feedback session - option for students to bring their CVs for live critique




  • Building a strong network to unlock MBB opportunities

  • Navigating MBB events: where to make the right connections

  • Finding the right networking events

  • Selecting the right office for you

  • Identifying whom to network with 

  • Networking tips

  • Strong follow-ups 

  • Live practice on making an impression when networking with consultants and senior professionals

Live case practices with experienced consultants 

Networking mixers 



Behavioral Interview & Storytelling:

  • Crafting compelling life stories

  • Each story write 3 different versions

  • Connect with interviewer

  • Giving an unforgettable self-introduction

  • How to answer why consulting, why certain offices, and why you

  • How to answer behavioral questions to make you sound "consulting-ready"

  • How to reframe your past experience (e.g. Ph.D. research) into consulting

  • Live practice

Case Interview:

  • Mastering case interviews

  • Casing fundamentals

  • Different types of cases

  • Deriving insights from data and exhibits 

  • How to deal with hard or odd cases

  • How to drive the case and structure your answer

  • “Showmanship”


Closing Session:

  • Celebrating achievements and reflecting on your journey

  • Share what you've learned

  • Present "This is who I am" in front of a panel of mentors and judges (former / current MBB consultants)


  • Wednesday: 1.5 hours, Masterclass, “Navigating MBB Events: Where to Make the Right Connections” with Fei Bo, Founder, ex-BCG

  • Friday: 1.5 hours, Masterclass, “Crafting Impactful CVs and Cover Letters for Your Applications”, with Former McKinsey Engagement Manager

  • Office hour: Students can come and ask any questions to our mentors

  • 1 on 1 opportunity to speak with mentors on personalized recruiting strategy and troubleshoot specific areas 

  • Live mock cases with our experienced consultants 



  • Weekly Assignments

  • Self-assessments

  • Reflection questions

  • CV/Cover Letters



  • How-To-Guides

    • Cold emails

    • Networking and following up with connections

  • Content Library

  • Casing Materials

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