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Are you looking to break into or transition to consulting, finance, tech and VC?


From research scientists at Harvard, to current consultants at McKinsey, whether your interests are in business, policy or tech, if you are passionate about being the best version of yourself, living to your fullest potential and empowering others to do the same, we would love to hear from you.


Careers at LHLovingLife

For us, we are not looking for cookie-cutter roles. You do not have to fit into a box fulfilling only the responsibilities you have been assigned to. We want people who are builders and creators. We are looking for ambitious, talented, motivated individuals who are aligned with our mission, to build the all-in-one ecosystem to empower and uplift, especially those from traditionally underrepresented communities, including immersive educational experiences, access to mentorship, hands-on projects working hand in hand with professionals in leading companies, to providing resources which enables landing high power careers. Join us.


We love ambitious ideas!

Life asset management is a complex, dynamic, and highly ambitious project. We are constantly launching new products for our community, from membership to in-person gatherings to fellowship to professional training workshops and we would love for you to pitch us ideas on how to grow and create more value for our community! Especially if you have specific skillsets in design, social media marketing, deal sourcing, and launching high level convenings, we would love to hear from you. 

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Open roles

Open Roles

LHLovingLife Social Impact Associate

Read job description here


LHLovingLife (founded by Fei Bo, ex-BCG) is offering a 10-week opportunity to work closely with outstanding peers and professionals to design and implement a strategy that improves diversity in elite industries such as consulting, finance, tech and VC.

This will not just be a consulting project with pretty decks but actual impact. We will explore partnerships with leading firms to create a diversity recruiting pipeline and build hands-on projects which allow our community members to work together with seasoned professionals. We will also establish high-quality educational programs for those traditionally underrepresented communities. We will define and create metrics to track the long-term impact of diversity in the workforce

Social Media Marketing Associate

Read job description here


As a Social Impact Marketer at LHLovingLife, you will play a crucial role in advancing our mission by crafting compelling visual content and engaging with our audience across various social media platforms.


You will collaborate with our team to develop and implement strategies that resonate with our community and drive social change.

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