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LHLovingLife Fellows is an annual program and global network where the most ambitious professionals and aspiring professionals gather to live to life’s fullest potential by empowering each other’s career success.

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Each of our fellows goes through an intensive and highly selective application process where they share their ambitions and experiences. Each cohort is comprised of professionals who are changing the paradigms of their industries and who have the potential to become tomorrow’s superstars. 

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We believe in creating deep connections among our fellows. We host online and offline exclusive events all year round, with practical content, fireside chats with senior leaders and influential figures, and offline events such as boxing,

or well-being retreats to push your own limits while connecting with like-minded individuals.

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Hands on Projects

To truly enhance your capabilities, mere observation or listening to content isn't enough — you must actively engage. We curated a set of consulting, tech, finance and startup projects, partnering with organizations dedicated to empowering diverse talent.


These opportunities allow you to work alongside seasoned professionals in your desired industries, gaining invaluable hands-on experience while collaborating with peers. Our goal is to provide

a transformative learning experience, where theoretical knowledge meets practical application. By actively participating in these projects, you will acquire new skills, forge meaningful connections, and pave the way for future success.

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We believe in peer mentorship in addition to getting sponsors and mentors who are ahead of you to accelerate your professional journey. We carefully curate peer groups and mentor-mentee pairings to make sure you can achieve your professional and personal goals. Join us at our convenings, where you'll experience the transformative power of connecting with like-minded individuals who share your drive for success. Through meaningful interactions and shared experiences, discover the magic of belonging to a community dedicated to mutual support and growth.

Professional Development


Growth and Fullfillment

"Upon getting mentorship from members and advisors of the Fellowship of LHLovinglife, I found my dream career and continued to excel in my profession. ”

"Joining the Fellowship of LHLovinglife not only opened doors to endless opportunities for personal growth but also provided a platform for thought leadership. I've found a space where my ideas are valued and amplified, propelling me further on my quest for fulfillment and purpose.”

"Joining this community not only enriched my network but also opened doors to lucrative investment prospects I wouldn't have encountered otherwise. It's more than just a fellowship; it's a gateway to financial growth and fulfillment.”



​​As we revel in the fresh memories of the inaugural Diversity Conference Breaking Into Consulting, where we brought together industry leaders from consulting, finance, tech, VC, private equity, we want to share with you the key takeaways from the conference.


We invite you to delve into these enriching perspectives HERE, and carry forward the inspiration and learnings.

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What’s Included in Founding Membership:

About Membership

Immerse in Virtual Events

Engage with 20 plus thought-provoking virtual events featuring industry luminaries in consulting, finance, and tech.

These meticulously curated gatherings offer more than just insights; they provide a platform to dive deep into industry trends, innovative strategies, and cutting-edge technologies, all while forging connections with top professionals at the forefront of their fields.


Members-only Events

Gain exclusive access to 4 members-only events designed to ignite your passion and fuel your professional journey.


We will work with Founding Members to collectively shape the direction of our cohort, including speaker profiles, event formats, and networking opportunities. Your input will be instrumental in creating a tailored experience that meets the diverse needs of our members. Join us in charting the course for our community's growth and success. 

Skill Enhancement

Elevate your skills with workshops that go beyond the ordinary. Enjoy a 15% discount on transformative sessions led by seasoned professionals from leading consulting, finance, and tech firms.


From refining your resume to mastering the art of the business case interview, these workshops are designed to empower you for success.

In-Person Convenings

Immerse yourself in the pulse of major cities with vibrant events that promise to leave a lasting impression.


Picture yourself at our upcoming event in New York City, where a "Fight and Make Friends" Boxing Session awaits. Not only will you experience an exhilarating workout, but you'll also have the chance to network with professionals and leaders in a truly unique setting.

Goal-Setting Convenings

At our core, we believe in the power of genuine connections and the transformative impact of mentorship.


Join us for exclusive gatherings where you can engage intimately with seasoned professional coaches and mentors. Let their guidance fuel your passion and drive as you navigate your career journey, unlocking the potential for meaningful growth and achievement.

Hands-on Projects

Dive into hands-on projects with seasoned professionals in consulting, finance, tech, venture capital, and startups.


Collaborate on consulting projects ranging from strategy, and operations, to GTM and branding, while building lasting connections with mentors and peers. Gain valuable experience and forge relationships that extend beyond the project.

Join Us!

LHLovingLife’s Founding Membership is invite-only. If you’re eager to join our vibrant community, please apply Here.

We will thoughtfully review each application and our team will get back to you regarding next steps.

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