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Business Networking


The strength of our brand and influence lies in our people and network. We are establishing an invite-only network for leading professionals across industries to exchange innovative ideas, facilitate professional collaborations, and build long-lasting friendships.

Our target profiles are:

Senior professionals within consulting firms such as McKinsey Bain and BCG, project leader and engagement manager level above. Executive Director or Managing Director within finance firms. Startup founders. PE/VC investors. Senior leaders in tech firms. High-power influencers in non-profits. 

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Why now?

As esteemed pioneers in the realms of consulting, finance, technology, venture capital and entrepreneurship, our founding teams and partners have ascended to leadership roles over the past decade. Yet, amidst our personal triumphs, we find there is a blank space when it comes to a meticulously cultivated, highly selective network tailored to our caliber with the mission of business success and professional eminence. 

Recognizing the potential for transformative synergy through cross-industry collaboration among peers of comparable stature, we have launched our invite-only network. We are committed to creating a nexus where as the driving force of the economy, we foster mutual support to propel our careers to new heights, unlock boundless opportunities, and forge profound interpersonal connections that transcend professional endeavors. 

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Our goal:

is to establish an esteemed network for like-minded individuals to exchange insights and resources, leveraging our influence within perspective fields and the common pursuit of achieving professional eminence. We aim to forge alliances, identify potential clientele, unearth new business opportunities, facilitate career advancements, explore investment prospects, seek life companionship, and engage in meaningful purposeful convenings with a strong peer cohort. 

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Our Process

If you are interested in joining the network and participate in our ongoing events, please apply HERE


Once our executive team reviews your application, we will contact you with next steps, including requesting for more information and a potential interview to further assess your fit with our network.

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