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We believe education should be for all and for a life-time. We have seen again and again students graduate from school with big ideas and nowhere to go.


We are committed to bridging the gap from school to professional life, engaging with students on empowering them with resources, mentorship, and community. We are also committed to helping professionals with career transitions that live up to their full potential.


​​Transforming Aspirations into Achievements:

At LHLovingLife, we're not just about inspiration; we're about actionable change. Our Education Pillar is designed to break down barriers to prestigious careers in consulting, finance, and tech, making these fields accessible to everyone, regardless of where you come from.

Here, you can find a blend of pro bono initiatives, educational programs, and an annual diversity-focused conference. Through these three components, we aim to empower individuals from all backgrounds, offering the tools, mentorship, and networks necessary to thrive in elite industries. With expert-led training, in-depth workshops, and exclusive networking opportunities, we are committed to fostering a diverse and dynamic professional landscape.

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Pro Bono Initiative: A Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): 

Our Pro Bono Initiative is dedicated to breaking down barriers in elite industries for traditionally underrepresented groups through strategic partnerships, mentorship, and targeted support.


This initiative is our pledge to long-term impact, striving to create a more diverse professional landscape by equipping underrepresented groups with the tools they need for success and collaborating with firms on further bridging the gap in DEI.

Our initiative is driven by three core teams within Loving Life Social Impact:

Social Impact

Educational Program Development Team

Create and refine workshops and mentorship sessions with a focus on professional excellence.


Design curriculum tailored to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in high impact industries such as consulting, finance, and tech.

Industry Partnership Team

Collaborate with leading firms to further bridge the gap in DEI, implementing best practices via both primary and secondary research.


Our team engages directly with students, professionals as well as companies hand in hand on co-creation of initiatives. Create pathways for diverse talents to be noticed, recruited, and retained, thereby transforming the recruitment landscape to be more inclusive.

Community Engagement Team

Enhance the reach and impact of the initiative by fostering a supportive network among participants.


Organize events with senior leaders in leading industries, share success stories of nontraditional path breaking into consulting, finance and tech, and facilitate curated discussions that encourage mutual support and learning.

Our Pro Bono Initiative actively recruits new cohorts Every 10 Weeks,
seamlessly transitioning from one group to the next to ensure continuous impact and learning. 

If you're passionate about making a difference and eager to contribute to our mission, we encourage you to apply. Please send your CV and cover letter to Stay updated with application dates for new cohorts, which are regularly revised to welcome fresh talent. Join us in shaping a more inclusive future in elite industries.

Tailored Educational Programs: Beyond Traditional Learning

Dive into our specialized programs, where mentorship meets mastery. From intensive training camps led by experts from McKinsey, BCG, and more, to live sessions that cover everything from CV crafting to case cracking, our educational programs are designed to propel you into your desired career path with confidence.

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If you are interested in any of the programs, please email us with the subject line: “Learn More about Educational Programs” for more information.

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From Varun Devakonda, PhD Candidate at Northwestern:

"LHLovingLife training camp proved to be a beneficial resource, and it's made me significantly more prepared to enter the consulting industry!

I learned how to structure my resume, prepare for behavioral/case interviews, and connect with industry experts.

The best thing about the training program is the individual and group mentor sessions, where you get personal insights from current/prior MBB consultants.

Overall, I went from being relatively new and unprepared to navigate a career in consulting, to now feeling confident in my ability to stand out as a competitive candidate."


From Jack Shen, Sophomore at Rice:

"I would highly recommend any undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in consulting to enroll in the training camp.

All information and insight I learned from the digital and LIVE classes are very useful, FAR better than other materials I’ve seen so far (example: Victor Cheng’s LOMS, Case In Point, etc.)

I really appreciate how the LIVE session is personalized and catered to every student’s needs. You can ask questions at any point and get quality answers — this can be a huge benefits especially when you’re facing bottlenecks with casing/behaviorals.

Pre-camp I’d rate myself overall as 1.5/5, after just 3 weeks of training I’m now at 3.5 — with a clear direction forward!"


From Geoffrey Martin, PhD Candidate at Yale:

"The best thing about the LHLovingLife Training Camp was undoubtedly the professionalism and calibre of instructors brought in – they were people that I never would’ve been able to speak with and learn from, outside the context of the training camp. Every single one of the instructors was invested in seeing us get to a place where we were capable enough of landing offers from top consulting firms, and I am confident that they will continue to be assets to my development even after leaving the camp.

Before joining the camp, I was extremely unsure of whether I even wanted to pursue management consulting as a possible career. I was also completely clueless during early casing practices. Going through the camp clarified all doubts I had, having spoken to MBB professionals who have been in the field for years, and solidified my casing expertise. I approach cases far more confidently now and feel strongly that I’ve improved more than I otherwise would have, without the camp."


From Qinzhe Liu, PhD at University of Chichago, Training Camp Participant, Current consultant at Putnam (top healthcare consulting):

"The LHLovingLife training camp is a fantastic experience, rich in one-on-one sessions that allow for direct and personal interaction with the coaches. This personalized training  enabled me to receive specific feedback tailored to my unique situation, enhancing the robust and comprehensive nature of the program. It's this level of individual attention that sets the camp apart, making it an invaluable asset for anyone serious about a career in consulting.

Throughout the entire training, the dedication of coaches like Fei and Jay was impressive. They provided not only expertise and insights, but also with an extraordinary level of support and love. This nurturing attention was ever-present, fostering a sense of confidence and belonging that I found to be essential during the demanding recruiting season."


From Yiqun Jiang, PhD at Yale, Training Camp Participant:

"One great thing about the LH camp is that one gets to meet with mentors who have vastly different interviewing styles and can track one's progress along the whole journey. Since the mentors are super experienced, they provide helpful perspectives into what a competitive candidate looks like. The sessions are also personalized to tailor to every student's needs.


One will also develop systematic methodologies and best practices for interview preparation (e.g., watching recordings, receiving written scorecard and feedback for every session), which maximizes the efficiency of interview practice.


Personally, I definitely feel more ready for interviews and believe that I will continue to improve."

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