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Message From The Founder

LHLovingLife — How To Find Your Calling In Life

Loving Life was founded on the belief that people who pursue their passion can make this world better. Since birth, we are all different because of our genetic makeup. Somehow, in the process of growing up, many of us seem to lose connection with who we are, often influenced by peers or parents, or we struggle with choices, between jobs, or between pursuing your dream or settling for financial security. 

At Loving Life, we believe it is important to know who you are. Be who you are. Celebrate your own uniqueness and difference, and do whatever you can to be the best version of yourself. Not follow the well threaded paths. Create your own paths. 

Loving Life Conversation Series, People Who Change The World are a collection of people who are spending their life building the thing they care the most about. They might come from different professions. Some are entrepreneurs, some are VC investors. Some are yoga teachers, photographers, painters, coffeemakers. But they love what they do. They do what they do not for the money but for the activity itself, the minute interaction with your craft. 

What do these people have in common? The people here are extremely aligned in their thoughts, words and deeds. Their desired alternative universe is the current universe they live in. They don’t create separation between work and life - they find meaning and purpose in their vocation. They find a calling in what they do. 

They find their life worth living. They don’t crave for simple pleasures but find true meaning in their life’s task. They don’t sit around waiting for assignments. They proactively seek out the next thing and let that lead the way. 

As for me, the founder Fei Bo? It is my dream to do a show like this since childhood. This idea keeps coming back to me during my entire professional life. Read my bio here if you want to learn more. 

As for you, the reader or viewer? If you are pursuing your dream, reach out to me here. Love to hear about your story. 

Finally, I hope you find this site helpful in your process of loving life. To live life with more wisdom, grace, purpose and meaning. To live fully every moment. To live now. And to express yourself as the most unique, inspiring, strong, and beautiful YOU. 


Fei Bo


We are a group of people who believe in the power of self-expression in the truest highest most authentic form. The more we can know who we are deeply - what drives us, what motivates us, what is it that we are most passionate about, the more we can find our life’s task and live life to the fullest. We all come from different backgrounds, computer scientists, film-makers, operators, consultants, but we are united by one goal: increase human happiness and maximize human potential. We strive to achieve a more inclusive diverse world, enabling humanity to flourish by discovering, supporting, featuring, educating, influencing more people to lead happier, more meaningful and purposeful lives. If you want to contribute to the mission, please get in touch. We love to hear from you!

Fei Bo


Many people ask me “What is Loving Life?” and increasingly, more people ask “Who is Fei Bo?”

Let me start with the second question.

Who is Fei Bo?

I was born and raised in China. I went to a traditional high school called Tianjin Nankai High School that produced two Premiers of China, Premier Zhou Enlai (to this day, I regard as one of the greatest leaders in the world) and Premier Wen Jiabao. Zhou Enlai once said, “Study for the rise of China.”

I graduated from one of the most competitive class, advanced mathematics class, where you studied advanced science subjects some even at the college level such as calculus. Many of my classmates are bright individuals who become finalists in Mathematical Olympiad and later on pursue PhDs in computer science, or founded startups at the cutting edge of technology pushing the possibility of human inventions.

After high school, I came to the U.S. for college. I attended U.C. Berkeley, where for the first time in my life, I have seen different ways of living or existing. How liberating! It was no long a singular metric of “winning”, higher score in mathematics or solving the hardest problems in the most elegant way or within the least amount of time. It was eye opening.

I still remember the first book I read on Berkeley campus Surely You Are Joking, Mr Feynman!, the inspiration I felt to have access to the best minds of the world. The first girl I met — she went to the lawn for a sunbath in a bikini, doing nothing. The first roommate I was with, Phoebe Simon (now Phoebe Yu), who has become my mentor and best friend by every definition. And the first club also the only club I joined, Ballroom Dancing team, which has changed my life.

Because of my love for ballroom dancing, I went to Cambridge University, where I competed at Blackpool, the top place for professional dancers, representing Cambridge. I later attended Columbia University, moving to New York, the world center for arts.

Fast forward, I started my career with Boston Consulting Group, advising CEOs on strategy and operations. Joined Shopee and we built it from startup to marker leader, the largest e-commerce in Southeast Asia. Most recently, I helped Michael Bloomberg, the ex-mayor of New York, launch a big forum in China and Singapore. I wrote about my magical journey to Silicon Valley and why I decided to launch my own company.

What is Loving Life?

I believe, the biggest paradigm shift happening right now, is not the world moving from the west to east, or from advanced economies to emerging markets.

The biggest paradigm shift is the younger generation, the current generation, living our lives courageously and pursuing our passion.

The work place today, is not longer about climbing the ladder. Stifling your inner self to play the game to rise through the ranks. Climbing the ladder, by definition, means that Managing Director is better than Executive Director than Director than Manager than Associate than Analyst than Intern, so on and so forth.

The work place today is about creating your own path.

The world I see today, the world we see today, is that everyone is equal. Everyone is successful. In their own ways. The plumber around the corner is just as successful as the CEO of the largest financial institution in the world.

It is no longer just about the pursuit of money or status. It is about pursuing your passion, increasingly so. With a strong belief that people who pursue their passion can make the world better, as Steve Jobs famously said.

What is Loving Life Conversation Series?

Loving Life Conversation Series is bringing the best entrepreneurs and VC ecosystem to the world.

Why this ecosystem?

This ecosystem, the startups, the entrepreneurs, the dreamers and builders, the creators, the early backers of these seemingly crazy people when no one else believed in them, is the driving engine for our society. For our economy.

I fundamentally believe that people with passion can change the world for the better.

No matter what that passion is. From painting walls to teaching stuffed animals mathematics. From driving fire trucks to calculating 535 by 6738 by heart.

If you have a passion and you can’t explain why, and you pursue that, the whole world becomes better.

The world needs you. You, as who you are. You with your individual beauty. You, are enough. And you are complete.

So the show is inspired by this idea that people who pursue their passion can show you what is possible. How meaningful life can become. How sweet it can feel. How bright the world can shine when more people choose to live life courageously.

Follow my show “Loving Life Conversation Series, People Who Change the World.”

I’ll be in the Middle East, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, from November 28 to December 12, featuring the best entrepreneurs and top VCs from the region.

I’ll be in California October 25 to November 12.

I live in New York most of the time.

If you pursuing your life’s passion, I believe you are changing the world. Reach out to me here, and I would love to hear about your story. Together, we can change the world for the better.

Written with lots of love,

Fei Bo

Founder, Loving Life

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