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Who We Are

LHLovingLife is a media and education platform,
empowering everyone to live their best lives and realize full potential.
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Life Asset Management.

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Who We Are

LHLovingLife is a media and education platform,

empowering everyone to live their best lives and realize

full potential through content, mentorship, and community.


Our Mission

Empower people to live the best lives through life asset management, from career to network to wealth and well-being.

What We Do

Loving Life

Loving Life
Social Impact

Cheerful Business Meeting
We empower students and young professionals through curated education programs to embark on high-profile careers in consulting, finance, and tech, as well as efficiently manage career transitions. In addition, we offer headhunting services for companies on the hunt for best talent, especially traditionally under-represented groups.
Team Building Session

We have embarked on a long-term pro bono project to diversify the traditionally hard-to-break-in elite industries, such as consulting, finance and tech. We provide resources and mentorship to traditionally under-represented groups, while working with companies on DEI initiatives to better recruit and retain talent from diverse backgrounds. 

Loving Life

Loving Life


We believe as professionals rise through the ranks, the ability to connect with resources and network is as important as your individual capability. We build this supportive invite-only network for leaders (10+ years’ experience) in consulting, finance, tech, VC, startup founders to foster exchange of ideas, resources, and peer-to-peer discussions. 


Building a global platform connecting early tech deals and investors between China, the U.S. and MENA region. We also offer art advisory service especially if you are interested in investing in art as an alternative investment asset, from emerging artists in new york to the latest digital GenAI art. Contact us to learn more details.

Loving Life


Global retreats with spiritual leaders on meditation, yoga, healing and overall well-being, from watching sunset in the desert in the Middle East to experiencing the uninhabited, ice-covered landmass in Antarctica. Founder Fei Bo is a certified yoga teacher and believes connecting with your spiritual self can boost your productivity and is essential to finding your own true north.

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Website beijing.png
Website beijing_4.png


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