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Who We Are

LHLovingLife is a media and education platform,
empowering everyone to live their best lives and realize full potential.

Our Mission

Empower everyone to be the best version of ourselves.

What We Do

Loving Life Academy 
Empower people through high-quality education programs, including Getting a job in consulting, Career transitions from consulting to VC/Startups, Fundamental job hunting skills, Communications and leadership, and other professional development programs. In addition, we also offer headhunting services for companies who are on the hunt for the best talent. 
Loving Life Conversations
Inspire people through authentic conversations with audacious individuals, including both closed-door sessions and on the record panels. Most people on the show are entrepreneur, investors and business leaders around the globe. Sometimes, we interview inspiring figures who know deeply on life, such as photographer, yoga teachers. Follow @lhlovinglife on youtube, wechat and xiaohongshu.
Loving Life Community and Network
Connect people through a strong network and exclusive online/offline events and global trips, experiencing the beauty of life while building authentic connections. Foster a supportive community and network comprised of executives, business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. Get on our newsletter to receive latest updates on online / offline gatherings (mostly in New York) and upcoming trips (upcoming trips to the Middle East in 2024).
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